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Astronism.org is the only authoritative encyclopaedic online resource that provides information on all aspects of the Astronist religion. It also acts as the worldwide publisher of Astronist content directly from the Astronist Institution, the proprietor of Astronism as vested by Cometan in his writings in the Omnidoxy.

Astronism.org provides carefully curated, relevant and regularly updated articles regarding Astronism, its beliefs, and all other related topics from scholars within the Astronist Institution. In an effort to make its contents understandable to as wide an audience as possible, Astronism.org developed a subsidiary website called simple.astronism.org which provides the same articles as on Astronism.org but written in language familiar to the masses, particularly those not familiar with the terminology of Astronism.

Astronism.org is the only place to visit for reliable information about Astronism and its beliefs. All content on Astronism.org and its derivative and affiliated websites are wholly copyright of the Astronist Institution. Images used on our sites are either free-to-use images, or are images that the Institution has gained permission to use by the copyright holder. All information in the encyclopaedias on both Astronism.org and simple.astronism.org have been checked and verified by authoritative figures from within the Institution to ensure accuracy throughout our sites at all times.


Content on Astronism.org is available to be used for educational purposes, although correct citations of all content used in academic and educational research papers is essential so as not to infringe on the copyright held by the Astronist Institution for content on Astronism.org.

We now encourage you to search Astronism.org and explore the organised philosophy of Astronism.